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2014 Championship Race

The Sprint Kart Speedway 2014 Championship Race was held Friday night September 19th. The Kid Kart winners were Dillon Covert, Carter Owens and Alex Owens. Junior II Class was won by Hannah McDonald follwed by 2nd place Christian Owens and 3rd place Odin McDonald. The Adult Clone Class saw Thor McDonald finish 1st followed by Joseph Rapp 2nd place and Chris Owens in 3rd Place.

The Sprint Kart Speedway wants to thank all the racers, crews, fans and staff for the past 25 years, for great racing and support. I will have many fond memories. Thank You!

Steve "Spider" Duffy

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Karting has become so popular that you should be able to find a track near you. Most of the major cities in the US have one or more tracks designed especially for racing. This is really the most important element at this stage...finding a track you're comfortable with.

Welcome To The Sprint Kart Speedway

Sprint Kart Speedway Blue Motor Rules

  • Adult weight 360 lbs.
  • Engine: Stock Blue Clone
  • Gas only
  • 2 shoe drum clutch only
  • Air filter may be changed to K&N type with aftermarket cup
  • Governor may be removed
  • Oil sensor may be disconnected
  • Valve lash may be adjusted
  • Main jet (only) may be drilled
  • Emulsion tube must remain stock
  • Valve springs are to remain stock and un-shimmed, spring wire .098. Tension no more than 10.89 at .850. This may be checked by any method by track officials. Intent of rule is to limit RPM capability of engine, any means takes to circumvent this rule is illegal.
  • Carb choke bore .810 No Go
  • Venturi .615 No Go
  • Rear bore .751 No Go
  • OEM Fuel tank or floor tank and Walbro pump both legal
  • Header with RLV B91 muffler is legal as is the AKRA header and muffler. Stock muffler is also legal

$150.00 claiming rule in place for this engine. Refusing to accept the claim will result in disqualification, complete loss of points and privilege to race in class. Claimed motor must be first place and the claimant must have raced in that class that night. The track reserves the right to claim any motor at any time. Claim does not include clutch, mount, air filter, filter cup, chain guard, after market exhaust, or throttle linkage.

Box stock means just that! All safety rules for this class apply.