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2014 Championship Race

The Sprint Kart Speedway 2014 Championship Race was held Friday night September 19th. The Kid Kart winners were Dillon Covert, Carter Owens and Alex Owens. Junior II Class was won by Hannah McDonald follwed by 2nd place Christian Owens and 3rd place Odin McDonald. The Adult Clone Class saw Thor McDonald finish 1st followed by Joseph Rapp 2nd place and Chris Owens in 3rd Place.

The Sprint Kart Speedway wants to thank all the racers, crews, fans and staff for the past 25 years, for great racing and support. I will have many fond memories. Thank You!

Steve "Spider" Duffy

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Welcome To The Sprint Kart Speedway

Sprint Kart Speedway General Rules

IFK rules will be followed in addition to local track rules.

  1. No person shall be allowed in pit area without a pit pass.  If a person is in the racer’s pit area without a pass, that team will forfeit points for that event.

  2. All drivers must register before entering race track to race or practice.

  3. Takes three (3) racers to make a class.  Any driver who signs up and subsequently has no class may be refunded their race entry money.

  4. All karts must scale at end of the race and meet minimum weight for class. Failure to make weight will be reported to scorers immediately and the driver will no receive points for that heat.  All engines to be shut off at the scales.

  5. Only YDS, YJL tires will be allowed.  Tires will be spot-checked.  Any kart with illegal tires will be allowed to start in the rear and will not be scored for the first week.  After that they will not be allowed to compete.

  6. Safety equipment for driver as per IKF.

  7. Rear wings, fairings, side pods are allowed if mounted in a safe and secure manner.  No protruding sharp edges will be allowed. CIK nose cones allowed but must be the break-away style.  If nose piece is lost during a race the driver will be disqualified.

  8. Numbers MUST be legible on all 4 sides.

  9. Karts must pass tech inspection by the pit steward before entering the racing surface.  It is the responsibility of the driver to have the kart teched.  Tech area will be at the scale.

  10. Karts will have 90 seconds after signaled to leave the grid to enter the race. No re-starts once the kart enters the race surface.

  11. Start is controlled by the flagman.

  12. Pole setter sets a slow pace for controlled start.  Accelerates only within start area.  Any kart jumping the start after two attempted starts will go to the rear.

  13. No race will have more than 12 karts unless special permission of race promoter.

  14. Any kart roll over must sit out that race and must pass tech inspection, along with the driver, before the next race.

  15. There will be no free re-starts.

  16. Use of yellow flags by corners workers are for caution only.  Racers are to hold their line and position for that area only.  If the track is blocked, a full course yellow will be displayed by flagman and the race will be re-started.  Person responsible for bringing out the full yellow flag  will go to the rear.

  17. When a red flag is displayed, all racers are to stop and shut off their karts as soon as possible.

  18. The judgment of the flagman and track personnel will be FINAL!

  19. No bicycles, motorcycles, mini-bikes, skate boards, scooters, etc. are allowed in the pits or spectator areas.

  20. NO USE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES allowed in pits during races.

  21. Suspension will be number of races, not weeks.  If the race is rained out the week of the suspension that week will not count as the suspension race.

  22. Points – Each club member will be allowed to “drop” two of their lowest point weeks.  If a week, or two, of racing is missed, those two weeks will be counted as the lowest point weeks.  If suspended, that week will NOT count as one of the lowest point weeks.

  23. Rain outs will NOT be made up.  The only race to be rescheduled will be the Season Championship.

  24. You must race in 50% of the weekly races to race in the Mid-Season and Championship Race!